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We are the leading, innovative, development company, embedded in the Training and Education market segment, providing management and learner management systems, focused on reducing operational costs and enhancing compliance, all whilst improving your ability to, and reducing the required time, to scale.

We are dedicated to alleviate the frustrations you are constantly facing i.e. cost reduction, efficiency, compliance, data consistency, effective feedback and of course the challenges with the SETA’s, Clients and learners daily.

If you are frustrated by any of the above, then we developed this solution specifically for you.

Our team consists of the best specialist resources to understand your business, develop or deliver the ultimate solution, on a scale-able, ultra reliable platform  allowing the perfect synergy in your business.

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.“ – Peter Drucker

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Integrated System
A single system dedicated to fulfill all your needs. All the cogs in the wheel are well oiled to wor...
Designed to scale, and geared to grow. We are there for you every step of the way.
Our system has a number of various modules which can be enabled or disabled on the fly for you. Some...
We won't break your bank! (or try our best not too :)) Your company and associated requirements are ...
Constant effective communication is key to ensuring your learners are empowered and your clients sta...
Processes, Tasks and To-Do lists
Process, Tasks and To-Do.. We do them all. Tasks and To-Do can be generated manually or automaticall...

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Dirk Pottas
Managing Director
Emil Van der Merwe
IT Director


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Latest blogs

Lean Process Improvement
January 9, 2019
Although Lean process analysis has emerged as a ‘best business practice’ in recent years, it’s organized around a culture of ideas, tools, and processes that have existed amongst the best business practitioners for hundreds of years.
Problem Solving and Decision Making
January 9, 2019
This training course includes skill development exercises in: learning to apply problem solving steps and tools, analyzing information to clearly describe problems, thinking creatively, being a contributing member of a problem solving team, selecting the best approach for making decisions, creating a plan for implementing, evaluating, and following up on decisions, and to avoid common decision making mistakes.
7 Tips in finding the perfect LMS Solution for your needs
December 2, 2018
What makes a good Training Provider effective, efficient and most importantly profitable? Is is just using only the best Facilitators, is only using the best training material, is it only ensuring the administrative processes is refined and functioning optimally? We know the answer is that is the combination of all of the above, and therein also lies the answer to the question of what you should look for in your search for the perfect LMS Solution. How does a LMS solution benefit and improve all aspects during the Training Lifecycle?
The major benefits of LMS customization
November 11, 2018
Customizing your LMS (Learning Management Solution) is mentioned in almost every article and review to be used as guidance on selecting your Learning Management Solution, and almost every LMS does state that it is customize-able.

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