Customizing your LMS (Learning Management Solution) is mentioned in almost every article and review to be used as guidance on selecting your Learning Management Solution, and almost every LMS does state that it is customize-able.

What makes customization so important, and what should we look for when selecting the right LMS solution?

  • Should it be the ability to align to our corporate colors and font? Definitely yes.
  • Should it be the ability to provide me with a white-labelled system? Definitely yes.
  • Should it be the ability to access the system via our own unique URL? Definitely yes.

What else then you may ask?

Have you ever asked the question if the system can conform and drive your internal company processes and can you define and manage these processes yourself? Is this a standard feature, or does it get billed as system customization?

Why is this so important may be what you are currently thinking.

A  Learner Management Solution should lighten your workload, and decrease the management of your environment. This can be easily accomplished if your LMS allows you to define your own processes, and has the ability to monitor the same.

Linked to that then also should be an automated escalation property if non-conformance to the defined process or allotted time-frame occurs.

Does this make sense to you? If so, why not ask your LMS Solution Provider to walk you through the process and abilities as discussed above. This will definitely add value to management, and enhance the productivity of all staff members.

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