A learner is normally recruited through a 3rd party company or service, which obtains their required documentation. These documents and CV is then forwarded to the Training Provider for further scrutiny, interview, induction etc. until they are finally linked to a contract and commences their studies.

Yet so many learners drop-out of their studies due to a number of reasons. This causes a lot of frustrations and additional administration for both the Training Provider and Client sponsoring the learner.

Why not change this process?

Why not implement the following process which thus reducing the administration overhead, costs and untimately reduce the number of drop-outs? Our suggested process is as follows:

  • Advertise the available Learnership on Facebook and digital publications,
  • Redirect all applicants to the student self-registration portal,
  • Request all documents to be uploaded,
  • Once all documents have been uploaded, avail a mandatory online Aptitude and Personality Assessments for completion,
  • Map all Aptitude and Personality Results to specific programmes/courses,
  • Verify the results and supplied documents,
  • Automatically filter all applicants per contract requirements based on their Aptitude and Personality results as well as demographic information and enrol them accordingly,
  • Each stage of completion has a specific Learner Status allowing you to track the total progress automatically,
  • Communicate with and entice your learners automatically throughout the process via either SMS or Email.

And automating all of this would be 1st prize.

How much time and money do you spend every month to facilitate this process? Really think about it, the time and money directly, and or indirectly with regards to administration, selection, recruiting, marketing and finally adding the correct learners to a contract.


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